“Hello… it’s Spence, the Evil Genius, from LabSecrets”,  a software development and consulting company that produces turnkey social networking and monetization solutions for entrepreneurs.

Our passion lies with providing incredible software, practical advice, and hands-on solutions for other entrepreneurs who may be struggling with the mechanics of how to turn their online business dreams into reality.

In 2007, we pursued the idea that social networks built on the Ning platform required “widgets and solutions for work and play”. Within six months we had expanded our line to include more than a dozen products.

Our Most Popular Widget on Ning!

Our Most Popular Widget on Ning! ;-)

With network creators hungry for ways to monetize their ideas, the LAB soon grew to  6500 paying customers with more than a million members. We were enjoying every minute of the experience…. until the one day in August of 2008 when Ning suddenly “shut us down”, along with the thousands of customers who were enjoying our products, service, advice, and leadership.

Things looked pretty grim. But only a few days later a call came in from a little-known start up in London called SocialGO.

After flying out to meet the team in September of 2008, we were formally retained by SocialGO to assist them in developing their widget store and marketing plan. While under contract, we produced over a dozen new products and tutorial videos for SocialGO. We also helped thousands of our clients migrate from Ning in order to enjoy the freedom of owning their own data and members while pursuing their online network ideas. It was a great experience to invent new and innovative ways to help fellow entrepreneurs achieve their best solution, without politics or restrictions.

Our new venture is called LabSecrets, and we fuel our engines with the power of Social Media, Open Source Software, and our own brand of “Secret Sauce”. Our core goal has been the translation of our Ning and SocialGO experience to the wide-open plains of the WordPress community. After more than a year of refinement and testing with actual customers, we found the “sweet spot” where entrepreneurs can easily move from riding a tricycle in the basement to racing a ten-speed bike in the Tour de France.

In the same way that Home Depot is a great place for a carpenter to find construction materials, but not such a great place for someone to buy a completed house… we have seen an opportunity to create “turn-key” Social Network solutions for entrepreneurs. By utilizing the open-source goodness of WordPress and its enormous community of end-users and developers, we can offer the added power and flexibility that can not be achieved on the closed platform solutions of Ning or SocialGO.

Our customers generally don’t want to know how or why their solution works under the hood…only that it works well, and looks great. The delivery of fantastic features, without any fuss to the customers who asked, has always been our focus… and now we have come full circle.

We back this up with the type of PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP that you would normally find from your doctor, lawyer, dentist, or barber. With this unbeatable “turn-key” combination of superior technology and service, we are revolutionizing the way that entrepreneurs and small businesses make their mark online. In keeping with our well-publicized history of promoting MONETIZATION, we aim to make LabSecrets an indispensable tool for anyone that is serious about transforming their niche business idea into a profitable online-reality.

Just as we had previously delivered turn-key solutions for Ning and SocialGO communities, our LabZip Solution is a one-stop resource. An entrepreneur may simply click, pay, and start adding content to their new Responsive LabZip site.