Flat Rate vs. Hourly Billing, which is better for freelancers?


The answer will surprise you!

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My mom learned WordPress in ten minutes with this video


Logging in, the WordPress admin dashboard, creating a post, creating a page, & managing menu tabs… my mom has never been so happy!

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Worried that your backdrop is causing “leakage” ?


Suffering from a small backdrop? No problem.

In this video I show you how to improve your home video studio potential by way of a simple “mask” technique during edit.

As you can see, James has a very popular 4 foot fabric backdrop, with some cowboy lighting. This is an easy and inexpensive setup, but can often leave one with a little “leakage” of space on the lower corners when using a wider shot.

The solution is simple: By creating two layers of static images from the original video, one can mask the missing places in the backdrop without having to change your compact home studio setup. It’s super easy and does not require any special editing skills or software beyond what you are using now, such as Vegas Video or ScreenFlow, or iMovie, etc.

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CSS, Firebug, ClassiPress, Navigation Styling

CSS, Firebug, ClassiPress, Navigation Styling - YouTube

Daily tips and tutorials on how to build a website for your business and succeed with WordPress!

In this video we show how to modify the H2 Tag color, modify the navigation menu to remove a button in ClassiPress, and generally how to change the color scheme of the entire WordPress website.

Send your questions for a Tip of the Day Video to: help@labsecrets.com

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Full Width Background Slider for Responsive


In this video I show you our new “one-click” installation of the Vegas Slider plugin feature when using our Responsive LabZip Child Theme.

This provides a very elegant and useful background slideshow for any site using the Responsive Theme from ThemeID, with no coding required!

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Is your video as responsive as your theme?


In this video we show you how to make your video embeds as responsive as the rest of your site layout. No longer will you be troubled by having your videos cut-off when someone views your site on mobile browser!

Here is the html and css used in the video:

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BuddyPress and bbPress Forums made easy!


In this video, we show you how to easily create three flavors of forums: BuddyPress Group Forums, bbPress Sitewide Forums, or a custom “hybrid” support forum with forums, topics, and tag cloud.

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Create Powerful Forums with bbPress!


In this video we demonstrate the power and flexibility of the new bbPress Forums plugin for your LabSecrets Solution site. Now you can have all of the benefits of integrated group forums as well as a primary sitewide forum with high-end management features.

You can get your copy of bbPress from your “Plugins” tab inside your LabSecrets Solution, from your LabQuickDeploy Plugin Pack, or download it here then upload it to your site.

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Who’s On First? – Sort it with Recently Registered


In this video, we show you how to activate the Recently Registered Users Option that will allow you to sort members of your site by their date of registration.

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Lockout Bad Guys with one simple WordPress plugin


In this video we show you how you can limit login attempts to your site in order to prevent brute-force password attacks.

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